Welcome to Cloverdale Catering

Cloverdale Catering is a top Midlands caterer providing excellent food together with professional service in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and other nearby counties. Being very experienced in both outside event catering and contract catering we are easily able to fulfill any catering requirements that we encounter. We constantly aim for perfection and take pride in all that we do. Although we have been catering now for 33 years we keep abreast of modern trends and are equally at home with both traditional and contemporary food. Our food is often praised with comments such as “best northamptonshire caterers” and ” best catering ever”.  We have also successfully provided Cloverdale interpretations of many world-wide menus for visiting foreign clients receiving praise on these occasions also.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Our delicious food including the original hand-made recipes that date back to the launch of Cloverdale Catering in 1986.
  • Our solid reputation. Well known and highly regarded, we have received hundreds of ‘thank-you’ letters from our very satisfied past clients.
  • Our extensive experience.  Having diversified over the years we can provide virtually any type of food or service for any occasion or contract.
  • Our friendly and personal service.  We offer careful and thorough planning so that every catering event runs smoothly.
  • Our highly experienced team, who have worked together for many years, are reliable, smart, courteous and well-organised.
  • Our prices, which represent good value, are fully inclusive.  There are no unexpected hidden surprises!
  • Our menus can be individually tailored to suit our clients taste, style and budget – your ‘Personalised Menu’.
  • Our ingredients are sourced with care from trusted suppliers with full traceability.  We have scored 5 stars for all our catering outlets.
  • Our ethos is to put our heart and soul into every event we do to create excellent, well-presented food and professional service, being motivated by our passion for catering and encouraged by the comments of our clients.