Contract Catering

Cloverdale Catering are pleased to offer an extensive range of Contract Catering solutions in the Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire area backed up by many years of experience in this field. Our clients come from corporate, industrial, sporting, retail and local government sectors. Available services include conventional staff restaurants, seven day vending machine service (all machine types), on-site room service and any other services which are all tailored to fit the exact requirements of the client, no two contracts being exactly the same.

As an independent company we can supply a superior and more personal service than the giant contract caterers. This is because we work strictly within the three counties (see above) and the duties of an Area Manager are performed by our Catering Director who has over 35 years experience in this field. We are better abled to closely monitor and maintain a high standard of catering which often sets us apart from our competitors. As high standard outside caterers we are also better able to fulfil the client company’s needs when it comes to their own client hospitality events by preparing and delivering the food directly from our dedicated outside catering unit.

Our substantial experience in operating numerous commercial kitchens for a wide range of clients with varying needs means that we can advise on new kitchen installations or modifications to existing facilities.
This is a free service we provide when we are the resident contract caterer or prospective caterer in the case of new ventures and is something we have done frequently in the past over many years. Establishments where we have been involved with kitchen design in the past have been very widespread including corporate, industrial, local government, sports clubs and even a hotel. Kitchen capacity in some instances has had to cope with over 1,000 covers.

In more recent years we have supplied supermarket branches nation-wide with our hand-made products. These “Cloverdale” products were packaged by us in accordance with statutory requirements and bore our own Oval Health Mark. This qualification allowed us to export abroad if we so wished. This type of catering is a service we can now readily provide to the retail sector having acquired the necessary skills and experience.