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A long history of Outside Catering, Contract Catering and Restaurant Catering and therefore highly experienced in all these fields.

We have an exceptionally good reputation for both food and service and a history of notable clients.

By engaging us you can be assured of an excellent experience on your occasion which can be backed up by references for your peace of mind.

We are very flexible and will produce a uniquely personalised menu to suit your taste and budget.


Cloverdale Catering was started by Glenda in 1986. The business took its name from her home at that time: ‘Cloverdale Cottage’ from where she built up a reputation for excellent home-made savouries and desserts.

The business became associated with excellent food and service over different sectors of the industry including outside catering, contract catering and restaurant catering. Large marquee weddings and celebrations became a forte of Cloverdale Catering.

Our interesting history has included catering for celebrities including members of the Royal Family and at large venues such as stately homes, castles and on occasion a palace.

We are highly experienced with an enviable reputation for catering excellence.

In recent years we opened a coffee shop in the scenic Priory Country Park in Bedford where we have been discovered by an ever-increasing number of visitors.

“Cloverdale’s contribution to our client entertainment event was everything we hoped for. In addition to a superb menu and the great service we all felt that your presence lent a very professional touch to the whole affair”.

Andy Lawrence, Operations Director

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Our food is often praised with comments such as ”best catering ever”. 
We have successfully provided Cloverdale interpretations of many world-wide menus for visiting foreign clients receiving praise on these occasions also.