About us

The owner of Cloverdale Catering, Glenda Mansfield, started out in catering employment around 40 years ago. An impressive portfolio of work followed in the next 15 years whilst employed as Restaurant Chef, Conference Centre Chef and Catering Manager among others. Living in ‘Cloverdale Cottage’ at that time, outside catering was started from home in any spare time.  This gave rise to the creation of delicious hand-made desserts and savouries upon which our reputation was built.

In 1986, a commercial catering kitchen became available and Cloverdale Catering established. The company grew with ever increasing demand and repeat business and soon became associated with generous, quality food and professional service. Cloverdale also successfully tendered for a series of large catering contracts. Catering activities therefore comprised both outside catering including large events and corporate lunches and contract catering including company restaurants and sports facilities. This mix of catering was to continue up to the present time.  At one time we also acquired a fully licensed, up market a la carte restaurant which ran concurrently with the other catering. Over the years we were fortunate enough to cater for a number of celebrities including members of the Royal Family. Interesting venues have included very old, stately buildings, castles and, on one occasion, a palace!

Cloverdale Catering has built up an excellent reputation for providing high standards of cleanliness in our food production units. We also have a keen interest in offering healthy options in our menus and have eliminated frying as a food preparation method. We regularly cater for ethnic and special diets drawing on many years of experience. Back in 2006 we were approved the prestigious ‘Oval Health Mark’. This enabled us to supply supermarket chains all around the country with our ‘Cloverdale’ packaged food products at that period of time. It also allowed us to export abroad if we so wished. The Oval Health Mark indicates a very high standard of food safety management. We would reapply for it should we need it again for any future catering contract.  We currently have the maximum score of 5 on the Food Hygiene Rating scheme introduced by the Food Standards Agency.

Over the years, the diversification and expansion of Cloverdale Catering has been such that we are now rated as a large, very experienced and leading East Midlands outside event and contract caterer being well known and highly regarded in every sector of the community where there is a need for good value, quality catering. We have, however, remained a family-owned business and customer satisfaction has always been our main objective. Businesses often measure their own success only in terms of profitability but what can be more rewarding than to receive a good testimonial from a happy, satisfied client and we have received some 900 of these to date!