Private Finger Menus – Suitable for Non-Service Events

The following finger buffet samples are popular for wedding evening events, parties, celebrations, funerals etc.  Our prices include disposable plates, napkins and a buffet table covering.  If you do not see what you are looking for please let us know and we will send you some alternatives.



30-50 people

 A Selection of Sandwiches on Brown and White Bread or Baby Rolls

e.g. Cheese & Tomato, Ham & Mustard, Egg & Cress and Tuna & Cucumber


Platter of Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies and Scotch Eggs

 Mini Cheeseburger topped with Baby Gherkins

 Pate Tartlets with Baby Tomato

Chicken Platter of Goujons, Kebabs, Pakora and Poppets with a Chilli Dip

 Vegetarian Platter of Cheese Goujons, Vegetable Nuggets, Curry Bites, Falafels, Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce and Macaroni Cheese Bites


Cut Cheese and Black Grapes or

 Assorted Cakes


50-80 people

 Assorted Sandwiches on Brown and White Bread

e.g. Chicken Salad, Cheese & Onion, Ham & Tomato and Brie & Cranberry

Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Pin Wheels


 Platter of Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies, Scotch Eggs and Cocktail Sausages

Diddy Yorkshires with Chicken, Stuffing and Cranberry

 Vol au Vents

Chicken Platter of Ginger Chicken Kebabs, Chinese Chicken, Southern Fried Chicken with a Garlic Dip

 Mini Scones Topped with Sliced Brie and Homemade Chutney

Mini Indian Selection with Minty Yogurt Dip

 Mini Quiches e.g. Cheese and Sunblushed Tomato and Stilton and Leek

Cheese and Vegetable Kebabs

 Vegetable Crudities


 Cut Fruit Platter with Grapes and Strawberries or

 Assorted Cakes


80-150 people

 Selection of Sandwiches

e.g. Mozzarella Tomato & Basil, Sliced Egg & Cress, Coronation Chicken, Turkey & Stuffing and BBQ Pulled Pork

 Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Roundels

Ham and Mustard Pin Wheels


 Platter of Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies, Scotch Eggs and Cocktail Sausages

Mini Shepherd Pie with Wholegrain Mustard Mash

 Mini Burger Topped with Cheese

Diddy Yorkshires

 Duck Spring Rolls with Horseradish Dip

Platter of Chicken Sate, Chicken and Tomato Kebab and Pakora with Spicy Tomato Dip

Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizza

 Beetroot and Feta Cheese Case

Sweetcorn Fritta with a Salsa Dip

 Mixed Vegetable Platter of Spring Rolls, Samosa, Mild and Wild,

Pakora, Feta and Spinach Goujons


Cut Cheese Portions with Black Grapes  or

 Fresh Fruit Platter



Assorted Sandwiches

e.g Cheese & Pickle, Ham & Tomato

Tuna & Cucumber, Egg & Cress


A selection of the following:

Chicken Goujons

Sausage Rolls

Pizza Slice

Mini Quiches

Cocktail Sausages on Sticks

Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls


 Assorted Finger Cakes

e.g. Victoria Sponge, Mini Strawberry Tartlets

Fruit Scones


Please contact us for further examples to suit your budget


Party finger food catering menu available in the Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and other nearby counties.